Very Happy with Universal Labels

These are awesome sheets for printing and being able to cut out your own labels or stickers, etc. I used them for my trunk or treat goody bags, and they stuck to the celephane really well. Don’t mis-stick them, though—because they work THAT good! After thinking about what the kiddos might prefer a little more, I ended up putting the majority of the stickers inside each bag, so they could attach them to whatever they wanted. I made over 700 stickers–and still have a bunch of sheets left! The printer ink did well on the paper–the colors were beautiful! The stickers are just a wee bit difficult to separate the sticky side from the backing, but it’s probably my own issue because my hands don’t work like they used to–but that didn’t bother me much–I was just happy the 25 or 30 stickers I attached to the bags actually stuck to them. I’m excited to be able to use the extra sheets for other projects! Oh, I forgot to mention that I used my paper cutter to cut the stickers. I could only cut about 3 pages at a time; I ended up messing up a few of them because I wanted to cut as many as possible. Oops!